Integrity. Independence. Results

Prospe Group was founded 2017 by Juuso Seppälä. After a decade living and working in India, China, and USA in both small and large companies, Juuso returned to Finland in 2016. Combining over a decade of accumulated international experience in strategy development and execution with a desire to set up a company of his own ever since university, setting up a management consulting firm was the natural thing to do.

Juuso holds a Master's degree from Aalto University in Finland, and he majored in International Strategy and Business. In addition to Finnish and English, Juuso is fluent in Chinese and has extensive intercultural experience.

Key values of Prospe Group are integrity, independence and results. We will not make promises to you that we don't believe we can keep. Our commitment is to tell you how we see things through independent set of eyes, and to work tirelessly to deliver on what we promise.